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The seeds of Özümel Tekstil were planted in a small carpentry workshop in the old Bursa Küçük Sanayii region, in Yıldırım district of Bursa, years ago, with the carpentry profession that passed from father to son. Although the history of our company is about 40 years, directly and indirectly connected with the textile industry, Özümel Tekstil has officially started its activities in 2006 and is still actively involved in its working life.

Our company, which took its final shape as Özümel Tekstil after its official establishment was established in 2006; only perform their work is focused on nonwovens industry in the area as of today, it is proud of being the first and only manufacturer located in Turkey.


Our company, which adopts quality as a way of life and protects accuracy and trust as the most important values,

  • To provide customer satisfaction, all kinds of innovative products and services in line with the needs of our customers, to meet all product and service expectations of our customers above industry standards in line with the capabilities and capacity of our company in the right way and time, to be a leading organization in the sector with an understanding based on continuous development, quality, teamwork, professional management approach, compliance with technological developments and continuous innovation
  • To continue our work with the goal and awareness of being the most reliable Nonwoven infrastructure company in Turkey, setting standards for quality, service, innovation and customer satisfaction in nonwoven infrastructure sector
  • Our customers, who are our reason for assets to shape our future from today, have the understanding of delivering our quality products with low cost opportunities
  • We carry the awareness and responsibility of bringing new values to our customers with the projects that we have developed in the light of being the first and exemplary, pioneering, entrepreneurial spirit and pioneering around the world and throughout the country.


  • To maintain our presence in the sector as a reliable and respected company that has the duty to create value in national and international competition conditions, uses its resources at maximum efficiency, provides the best and highest quality service, and provides the best and quality service.
  • To be an exemplary organization that creates resources and value for our customers, employees, country
  • To develop quality service approaches and applications, which are continuously supported by human resources and technology by identifying the demands and expectations of the market
  • To be one of the exemplary practitioners of corporate governance and ethical values in all of its production and commercial activities.